Monday, 14 October 2013

Arvind Kejriwal and His Transfer

Arvind Kejriwal, a new name in very old Indian politics. From IRS to RTI to JanLokpal to AAP he always faced problems, allegations; instead of appreciating his work people questioned his intentions. They have labeled him with all sorts of allegations, and he has come clean. People have run out of allegation now they have only one thing to ask every now and then "Why weren’t you transferred." Every social networking site I visit Congress and BJP supporters ask only one thing – “Why Kejriwal did not get transferred in his career”. I gave them answer but they deny accepting, I ask them to Google but I believe they don’t know how to search because they keep returning to me with the same questions!

So I thought of helping them as Anna has taught us help the needy irrespective of what he thinks about you.
To understand why he didn't get transferred you just need to know the policies of Transfer of IRS.

The States in the country have been divided into 5 areas, viz. East, West, North, South and Central [Annexure-IV]. An officer shall not serve in an area for more than a total of 14 years (for those who joined in 90s its 16 years). And you can stay in one office till 8 years. Since Kejriwal joined in Q4 of 1992 his tenure is counted from 1993, it was his first posting in New Delhi (North State) vis Civil services grade A officer which is recruited by UPSC, he can’t be transferred under for 5 years under any circumstances as per law.1

Now suppose he were to be transferred after 5 years that is 1993-1997, in this time Indian politics was undergoing the state of crisis even our Government was struggling to find its feet who would care about an IRS. PV Narsimha Rao tenure ended on 16 May 1996, Shri Vajpaaye Ji became PM for 16 days and government fell again election happened and HD Devegouda became PM for 322 days and again we had new PM I.K. Gujral 332 day (Rashtriya Janta Dal an united front) so you would agree with me in such circumstances when even we are not certain about our PM who would even think about an IRS officer.

On 19th March 1998, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee became prime minister of India. Now coming back to Kejriwal, why is he still not transferred? Now that we have a different Government and if he has done corruption, he should be thrown out, as Atal Ji was a very honest leader and still he didn't transfer him as he was posted in Delhi right under his nose. In 1999, Kejriwal’s period of being in one office for 8 years ends. Now he can be transferred within the North region but still he can be in north state for next 6 years. Since Kejriwal was not transferred was he corrupt? If yes, why Atal Ji didn’t transfer him? Was Atal Ji corrupt as he has kept a corrupt Kejriwal under him? Now, no one can even think of Atal Ji is corrupt not even in their dreams. Then what was the reason they both stayed together.

May be Atal Ji appreciated the work Kejriwal was doing and didn’t want to let go an honest officer. 
After the tenure completion of Atal Ji, Kejriwal went on training by taking leave and later he quit his job. May be it was just a coincidence that both Kejriwal and Atal Ji left together or was Kejriwal thrown out by congress for his corruption done during NDA regime. But had he done corruption why he wasn’t jailed by Congress? Why he was not charged and why were his accounts not sealed?
Congress and BJP both raise this question why he wasn’t transferred and both didn’t transfer him under their respective tenure.

As far as I know I can’t transfer myself even if I want to go I need my superior to approve.
So instead of asking Kejriwal, ask UPA and NDA why he wasn’t transferred.

I would like to thank you for reading this. This is my first blog so I hope you’ll forgive my armature writing.


  1. The article is like you are justifying Drugs!! Common he had good hold in government and he knew people and thats the reason he was not transfered.Simple and straight.

  2. come on! you really think if the government is not stable, an A grade officer wont get transferred? aise to saare government offices thap padh jaane chahiye the, promotions ruk jane chahiye the, salary band ho jani thi aur na jane kya kya. seriously go back to fb, you are not meant for here!